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Special Webinar Offer

Thank you so much for attending our webinar!

As mentioned, I am willing to give you two of my most valuable products in order to make sure your liability shield is fully in place.


Your Operating Agreement is the main component to your LLC and defines the following…

  • Company Operations
  • What happens when creditors come after you.
  • What happens when you die.
  • Whether or not you have any liability shielding
  • Dozens of other issues surrounding your LLC.
  • Prevents or Solves Possible Partner Disputes

We’ve Created an EASY Way to Customize Your Template That Gives You The Protection You Need!

  • Customized Documents in MS Word format
  • 100+ Minutes of Audio Instruction
  • Protect Business Assets From Personal Liabilities
  • Smooth Ownership Transition
  • Eliminate or Reduce Estate Taxes
  • Reduce Payroll Taxes (self employment taxes)
  • Cut Income Taxes Significantly

And the 27-Point Checklist helps you make sure you keep the liability shielding you set up in your Operating Agreement!

  • Know what meetings you need to have
  • Know what notifications will be required
  • Check off all the formalities needed to help your LLC stand up as a separate entity in court
  • Keep focused on what needs to be done to maintain your company AS a company