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Issuing Membership Certificates

#4 in Lee’s formalities checklist asks “Have you issued Membership Interest Certificates?” #5 asks “Do you have a ledger of your Membership Interest Certificates?” When you form a corporation or an LLC for your business, part of the process is to establish ownership of the company.  Some […]

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LLC Startup Mistakes Exposed

LLC startup mistakes can cost a small business more than they should when the business is sued or hits a rough spot. LLCs (Limited Liability Companies) are a good foundation for business, they protect assets, are easy to run and offer great tax advantages. However there are […]

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LLC Dissolution

LLC Dissolution LLC dissolution is usually handled as it is directed in the LLC Operating Agreement. It might seem that this is obvious and easy to take care of. However because of the choices that must be made when an LLC is made, this can be a […]

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How to Start a Limited Liability Company

The easiest thing to do to start a business is just start making money. If you’re acting alone, you’ll be considered by the law and the IRS as a sole proprietorship. If you’re acting with one or more other people, then you’ll be consider a partnership, unless you file papers with your state and the IRS to say you want to be a limited partnership, corporation, or an LLC.

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