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LLC Wizard System Package

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Thank you for using our LLC Wizard System business start-up materials. Below you will find links to all your training material in setting up and establishing your business.  You will receive a box containing the complete LLC Wizard and the book Protecting Your Financial Future. Shipping usually takes 5-7 business days, though you can get started with the information AND links below immediately.  If you would like to know the status on shipping, please call our office at 801-802-9020.

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Personal Use Disclaimer

Please understand the LLC Wizard System is for YOUR personal use only. Some of these files are extremely large and may take several minutes or hours to download depending on your Internet connection.

Download Instructions

Most of the links when clicked will open up into a new window. Once the new window opens you can either save the file to your desktop or if there is a link you can take your mouse and hover over the link. Then “RIGHT” click on the link and choose “save target as” or “save link as”. When you see the popup screen, I recommend you save to your desktop and then later you can create a folder to put all the materials in the LLC Wizard package in.
– IRS Tax Forms

Title Page

0-1 Title Page Wizard

Course 1 – LLC Introduction

Audio Track 1: Introduction   Written 1-1 LLC Introduction

Audio Track 2: Use an Entity   Written 1-2 Business Matrix

Audio Track 3: Entity Structure Options  Written 1-3 Business Structure Questionnaire

Audio Track 4: LLC Elements and Liability  Written 1-4 What happens in Nevada

Audio Track 5: Changing to an LLC  Written  1-5 Putting Property into an Entity

Audio Track 6: Nevada LLCs  Written  1-6 States with Series LLC

Audio Track 7: Liability Shielding


Course 2 – Articles of Organization

Audio Track 1: Naming Your LLC 

– Name Check
– State Forms

Written Articles of Organization Template (Word Document)

Audio Track 2: Filing Articles of Organization  Written 2-2 LLC Designations

Audio Track 3: Filling Out the Forms

Audio Track 4: Registered Agent

Audio Track 5: Members and Managers

Audio Track 6: Single vs Multi-Member LLCs

Audio Track 7: Management

Audio Track 8: Contributions and Signing


Course 3 – Choosing a Tax Structure

Audio Track 1: Taxing an LLC  Written 3-1 Tax forms links

File a K-1 yearly for each set of membership interests

File the appropriate tax return for your chosen tax designation

  • Single Member LLC filing as an Individual: Form 1040
  • Multi-Member LLC filing as a Partnership:  Form 1065
  • Single or Multi-Member LLC filing as a Corporation, either S or C:  Form 1120

Audio Track 2: SS-4, Cont.  Link for SS-4

Audio Track 3: Form 8832  Link for Form 8832:

Audio Track 4: Form 2553  Link for Form 2253:

Audio Track 5: Membership Interests  Membership Certificate 3-7 LLC Certificate

Audio Track 6: Moving Property

–Certificate Transfer Log 3-8 Certificate Transfer Log

–Warranty Deed 3-9 Warranty Deed

–Resolution Bank Account 3-10 Resolution Bank Account

Audio Track 7: IRS Advantages


Course 4 – The Operating Agreement

Written Operating Agreement Template (Word Document)

Track 1: Overview

Track 2: Piercing the Corporate Veil

Track 3: Introduction and Article I

Track 4: Article I, cont.

Track 5: Article II

Track 6: Article III 3.1 to 3.2

Track 7: Article III 3.3 Duties of Managers

Track 8: Article III 3.4 to 3.9

Track 9: Article IV

Track 10: Article V

Track 11: Article VI

Track 12: Articles VII and VIII

Track 13: Articles IX and X

Track 14: Signatures, Schedules, and Closing


Course 5 – Ongoing Maintenance (Formalities)

27-Point Formalities Checklist

Track 1: Minutes, Annual Meeting

–Notice of Manager Meeting 4-4 Notice of Manager Mtg

–Waiver of Notice Manager 4-5 Waiver of Notice Manager Mtg

–Notice of Member Meeting 4-6 Notice of Member Mtg

–Waiver of Notice Member 4-7 Waiver of Notice Member Mtg

–Minutes Organization Meeting 5-2 Minutes Organization Mtg

–Minutes Member Meeting 5-3 Minutes Member Mtg

–Minutes Sample 5-4 Minutes Sample

Track 2: Managers and Acceptance of Documents

Track 3: Membership Interests

Track 4: Shifting Taxes and Deductions

Track 5: Trusts

Track 6: Multiple LLCs


Course 6 – Charging Order Protection/Series LLCs

Track 1: Charging Orders

Track 2: The Wall

Track 3: More on Charging Orders

Track 4: When Trouble Hits

Track 5: Series LLCs