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LLC vs. Other Corporate Structures

LLC Q&A on Holding Company Corporation

LLC OWNERSHIP LLC Ownership has many advantages, but should be set up properly. Recently a student asked me about  whether a corporation should be the holding company (daddy corporation) for all of their real estate investment LLCs. I would love to hear your comments. Use the box […]

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S Corp vs C Corp vs LLC-The Big Debate

All three have an identical limited liability (corporate shield) protection. It protects the owners and management from liabilities suffered as a result of business activities. In the C corp vs S corp vs LLC decisions, the limited liability shield isn’t really an issue, because each gives good protection.

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Single Member LLC vs Multi Member LLC

Single member LLCs and multi member LLCs give you basically the same “corporate shield” that a corporation will. By the way, the corporate protection is exactly, identically, the same in either an S corporation or a C corporation.

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Can I Form LLC Partnerships?

LLC Partnerships or Partnership LLCs are misnomers. Technically an LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a company, not a partnership. While there are some similarities between a partnership and an LLC, it is important to recognize that LLCs and partnerships are two different types of business entities.

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LLC Company Structure Compared to Corporate Structures

The LLC company structure is very similar to the old familiar corporate structure, but there are some significant differences. State LLC Company Structure and Corporate Structure Required Filings Both the corporate structure and the LLC company structure require a filing with the state. Basically, you are putting […]

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LLC Incorporation – How to Do It

So you have been searching for LLC corporations, LLC incorporating or how to incorporate LLC and you have not been finding much information. There isn’t much available on LLC corporate information because an LLC is not a corporation. It is a company.

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