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LLC Maintenance

Change or Amend an LLC or Corporation

How do you make a change or amend an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or corporation once it the documents have been filed?  When you find an error in your documents, or one of your business associates decides to move into another area, or you change address, how […]

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LLC Startup Mistakes Exposed

LLC startup mistakes can cost a small business more than they should when the business is sued or hits a rough spot. LLCs (Limited Liability Companies) are a good foundation for business, they protect assets, are easy to run and offer great tax advantages. However there are […]

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Corporate Formalities and Commingling Assets

Corporate formalities and commingling assets are critical items when running a business. Commingling assets is when assets from different sources are inter-mixed inappropriately.  For instance, if the fiduciary of a trust mingles the trust funds with his personal account, he breaches his or her fiduciary duty by […]

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Multi Member LLCs Offer the Best Charging Order Protection

Multi Member LLC s vs Single Member LLCs When forming an LLC, it is good to know that multi member LLCs offer the best charging order protection. First let me explain the history of charging order protection, and then it is easier to understand the precarious position […]

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Different Answers from Attorney?

Different Answers from Attorney? Different Answers from Attorney? Why Does Each Attorney Give Me A Different Answer? Have you ever gone to one attorney and got one answer, them approached another attorney for a second opinion only to get a different answer? Often this leaves you more […]

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LLC Management

Your LLC is a business vehicle. It should get you asset protection, tax benefits, and business protection. You get your articles of organization filed (some people call the operating agreement an “LLC company agreement”), and technically you have an LLC.

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