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How to Open a LLC Company

 Open a LLC CompanyOpen a LLC Company

Are you thinking to open a LLC company. You can open a LLC by yourself. Just be certain you have a complete organization. Don’t be fooled by the “quick and easy open LLC company in two easy steps” internet sites claiming that you can open up your LLC in seconds. While it is true you can open your LLC quickly by filing your Article of Organizations with the state, if you stop there you are not getting full asset protection. You’re getting the lowest common denominator. Unless you’re rolling the dice and betting you’ll never have a problem, opening your LLC should be a process you complete after your have some education.

If you are serious about liability protection and proper set up to open a LLC company. First you need to know that the Articles of Organization by themselves are not enough. You also need an Operating Agreement to define how your company is set up and run. If your LLC is involved in a lawsuit, your Operating Agreement can level the playing field in your favor.

How you structure your the Operating Agreement will allow you to protect your personal assets from company disasters. It is also important to set up your agreement and so you will get maximum charging order protection out of your LLC Operating Agreement. You also need to have more than one owner (member) of your LLC after June 2010.

Finally you need to make certain that you make the proper tax elections when you open a LLC company before your opportunity to determine how you will be taxed expires.

My LLC WizardTM provides this and other information. The LLC WizardTM is a 6 hour audio course and over 150 pages of printed supporting documents that teaches you how to customize computerized LLC documents. You can use the computerized documents over and over again. The education you get and the ability to design customized documents for your unique situation gives you all of the money making and asset protection potential an LLC Company offers.

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