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How to Register an LLC Company

File Articles of Organization

How to register an LLC company is easy. You can do it yourself. You pick a name and fill out your articles of Organization and file them with your state and pay your state fees. Most states have a set of “fill in the blank” Articles of Organization available on the state website. Pretty easy!

LLC set up fees are dictated by the state where you are forming your LLC.  In some states the LLC fees are a little as $12 and others, like California and New Jersey, the LLC fee runs nearly $1,000.  There may also be some state requirements that you should ask about when you file. For instance, New York requires that you advertise in each of the big three newspapers.  That adds an extra step to how to register an LLC company.

If you are worried about how to register an LLC company quickly rest assured that it only takes about 48 hours in most stares. However you need to know that it is not enough to just file the Articles of Organization. If you stop there in your LLC company registration you will not get full asset protection or tax savings that your company needs. You need to educate yourself so that you will know how many members you should have and how you will elect to be taxed and what other paperwork to complete.

How to Register an LLC Company -Form Operating Agreement

For instance, if you are serious about liability protection and proper set up for your LLC, you also need an Operating Agreement. The Operating Agreement defines how your LLC is set up and run. By including the correct language and structure, if your LLC is involved in a lawsuit, your Operating Agreement can level the playing field in your favor.

Tax Elections

You need to make certain that you make the proper tax elections before your opportunity to determine how you will be taxed expires.

You’re going to use the LLC to make your money, protect your assets, and pass on your business to your family.  You’ll work your whole life to build your business.  Don’t you think that you should worry more about your “business vehicle” than to just fill out a state form and start the business? The LLC Wizard has 6 hours of audio training on using your LLC so you get the maximum tax benefits and asset protection out of your LLC.

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