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LLC Holding Company

LLC Holding companyLLC Holding Company?

An LLC holding company generally does no business, it is used to hold investment assets.  If you are investing it is a good idea to form a holding company.  You can use this company to hold real estate and/or stocks and bonds.

It is easiest and least expensive to form your LLC Holding Company in your own state.  The state where you reside and do business.  This will save you money as you can act as your own registered  agent and take care of your own business.
It used to be that everyone had heard of Delaware Corporations and Nevada LLC’s .  This was because these states had favorable business laws.  Most states have made their LLC laws competitive.  Florida recently had a case where a single member LLC was disallowed by the court to satisfy a claim.  Other states are quickly following suite,  as a result I would recommend you form a multi-member LLC Holding Company if it is possible.

You need a registered agent for your LLC holding company.  If you live in the state where you formed your LLC you can act as your own registered agent.  It is a good idea to be your own agent, because you do not have to pay someone to do it.  If you are acting as your own agent be certain to answer all legal correspondence by the required date or you could have serious problems.

An LLC Holding Company is Easy to Form

It is easy to form an LLC holding company,  You need to fill out a simple three page Article of Organization and file it with the state where you live.  You need to also get an Operating Agreement in place.   You can do this yourself.  I have organized the whole process in the LLC Wizard .

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