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What is an LLC Company

What is an LLC Company-Explained What is an LLC Company?  The LLC company or LLC is short for Limited Liability Company.  But really, what is an LLC Company? The first LLC company in USA was formed in Wyoming by a group of businessmen who wanted to more […]

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LLC and Asset Protection Webinar

Attorney Lee R. Phillips, a nationally recognized author in the field of finance, asset protection, and estate planning presented this free Webinar on how to implement his asset protection program. The Q & A session runs about on hour, and for those who missed it, click the link below to access this great information. Lee is licensed to practice law before the United States Supreme Court, and is an engaging speaker who lectures throughout the United States, Canada and the Pacific Rim helping people understand the law and how to use it to make money and protect themselves.

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LLC Asset Protection

Personal acts include things like a divorce, lawsuit from an auto accident (donkey cart back then), bankruptcy, lavish living, or any one of a thousand other acts. If one partner got in trouble, his or her partnership interest would be taken by their creditor, and suddenly, the other partners had a new partner – an unfriendly partner.

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