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LLC Operating Agreement

Adopt Your Operating Agreement

#9 in my 27 Point Checklist for corporate and LLC formalities ask if you have adopted the operating agreement (or bylaws in a corporation) that should have been written up first thing when you decided to start a business. #10 asks whether you understand what is covered […]

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LLC Set Up is Easy

LLC set up is not difficult to do. First it is good to understand what an LLC (Limited Liability Company) is and why you need it. An LLC is a business structure “hybrid” of a partnership and a corporation. It has the liability protection (“corporate shield”) of […]

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LLC Operating Agreement Template

 LLC Operating Agreement Template is Key LLC operating agreement template is a key to your company’s legal protection. Yet many small business owners don’t even bother to use one. After all, if they file the articles of organization, they have a limited liability company (LLC) as far […]

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