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How a Small Business Owner Funds LLC Start Ups

Your LLC should have a membership ledger and membership certificates, just like a corporation needs a stock ledger and stock certificates. When money is transferred into the LLC, an entry needs to be made in the ledger and a membership certificate needs to be issued.

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What is LLC DBA?

LLC and DBA stand for the words “Limited Liability Company” and “Doing Business As.” It is a legal requirement that the name of a business is the same as the person or entity who owns it. So if you own an unincorporated small business, its name for legal purposes is your name. Like wise if your unincorporated business is a partnership, the legal name should be the last names of the partners. For corporations or limited liability companies (LLCs), the legal name should be the one that the entity is registered under with the state government.

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Articles of Organization – LLC Formation Step 1

lthough you can use your favorite state’s website to get your operating agreement, LLC formation requires some thinking. There are a number of “blanks” on the operating agreement form. How do you fill them out?

For example, do you want your operating agreement, LLC filing, and entire structure to show a single member or multiple members? The states are starting to attack single member LLCs and remove their “charging order” protection, so how you answer this question is important.

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LLC Company Structure Compared to Corporate Structures

The LLC company structure is very similar to the old familiar corporate structure, but there are some significant differences. State LLC Company Structure and Corporate Structure Required Filings Both the corporate structure and the LLC company structure require a filing with the state. Basically, you are putting […]

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How to Become an LLC Company

How to Become an LLC Company How to become an LLC company (Limited Liability Company)? Wondering what do? Hoping you can start an LLC by yourself, thereby saving time and money? An LLC is one of the best ways to structure a small business because it is […]

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LLC Incorporation – How to Do It

So you have been searching for LLC corporations, LLC incorporating or how to incorporate LLC and you have not been finding much information. There isn’t much available on LLC corporate information because an LLC is not a corporation. It is a company.

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What is an LLC Company

What is an LLC Company-Explained What is an LLC Company?  The LLC company or LLC is short for Limited Liability Company.  But really, what is an LLC Company? The first LLC company in USA was formed in Wyoming by a group of businessmen who wanted to more […]

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LLC Asset Protection

Personal acts include things like a divorce, lawsuit from an auto accident (donkey cart back then), bankruptcy, lavish living, or any one of a thousand other acts. If one partner got in trouble, his or her partnership interest would be taken by their creditor, and suddenly, the other partners had a new partner – an unfriendly partner.

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