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Documenting Transactions

#20 on my formalities checklist is: “Have you documented all major transactions of the company business with resolutions, notes, contracts, etc.?”  This is a logical followup to #14, discussed in Give Managers Their Power. You need to resolve to keep your corporate shield in place!  Big companies […]

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Adopt Your Operating Agreement

#9 in my 27 Point Checklist for corporate and LLC formalities ask if you have adopted the operating agreement (or bylaws in a corporation) that should have been written up first thing when you decided to start a business. #10 asks whether you understand what is covered […]

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LLC Set Up is Easy

LLC set up is not difficult to do. First it is good to understand what an LLC (Limited Liability Company) is and why you need it. An LLC is a business structure “hybrid” of a partnership and a corporation. It has the liability protection (“corporate shield”) of […]

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Free LLC Forms

Free LLC Forms -Should you use or shouldn’t you use them?  That is the question.  If you are like most people you want to pinch pennies where ever you can.  If you can get free LLC forms, that would be great for the bottom line, but is […]

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Add A Member to An LLC

Can I Add a Member to an LLC? I want to add a member to an LLC. Can I do it and how can I do it? The answer to the question is, yes you can, but how to do it will depend on your LLC Operating […]

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